Renting dumpsters can feel extremely strange unless you work in a field that uses dumpsters regularly. Though a professional dumpster rental company can help you have the best possible experience, there are a couple of common errors people make when renting. Making these errors can be expensive. It can make the process more troublesome and can cause damage to your property.  

Here are a couple of dumpster rental errors you’ve got to avoid: 

Overestimating or Underestimating 

Possibilities are you’ve got a budget set out for what the project needs if you’re renting a dumpster. When renting a dumpster, a mistake that individuals sometimes make is either overestimating or underestimating how long they’ll require one. You should take the time to calculate accurately the project you’re working on and try to be as precise as possible.  

Wrong Placement 

Wrong placement of the dumpster can cause a couple of problems. For instance, placing the dumpster on a slope might make it slide or move out of place. This is particularly true during a winter freeze. Also, you have to ensure that your dumpster is not placed on the property of someone else. You will also violate local regulations if you place it on the street. You have to get a permit first if you really have to place the dumpster on the road. Placement problems often are not extremely obvious.  

Property Damage 

A professional dumpster rental company should install a base for the dumpster. This will protect the ground from damage. However, you still have to do your job in lowering property damage. For instance, you should consider the easy access for the dumpster. If the access includes your delicate garden or freshly cut yard, you can tear up your lawn during the project. You should place plywood to protect your lawn if you’ve got no better options.  


During dumpster rental, another mistake that individuals make is letting the dumpster to block driveways, doors, and much more. Though a professional dumpster rental company knows how to prevent blockade, they do not know the daily patterns of your neighborhood or house. Usually, they will leave it up to you where you’ll place the dumpster. Is the dumpster too close to your house? Are there any places that the dumpster will block off? Will the dumpster block your ability to safely drive your car? You have to think about these aspects.  

Hazardous Materials 

Renting a dumpster is extremely convenient. You can throw away almost everything. But, this doesn’t include hazardous material. It’s required that these materials are properly disposed of according to federal and local regulations and laws. You might have to pay additional charges if you dump these materials. Hazardous materials include things such as oil, gasoline, aerosol cans, tires, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, old paint, propane tanks, pesticides, cleaning products, and much more. You have to talk to the dumpster rental company if you’ve got to throw away some of these items. They will be able to provide you information on how to properly get rid of these materials.